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Nirmala Studio capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce, whether it be wedding or engagements or birthday. We capture it for a life time.We help you to capture the most memorable day of your life, make it long lasting and cherished.We provide services ranging from a passport size photo to big banner sized printouts.


Birthday Party
Corporate Events
First Holy Communism
First Religious Proffession
3D Photography
360° Virtual Photography
Live Webcasting

Studio and Digital Press

Passport Photo
Studio Portraits
Fashion / Modeling
Industrial Photography
Group / Family Portraits
Photo Restoration
Digital Press
Video Editing & Mixing

Outdoor Services

Outdoor Photography
Outdoor Videography
Helicam Photography & Videography
Jib Crane Shot
Steady Cam Coverage
Spot Editing And Printing Unit
Multicam Recording

Photo Framing And Lamination

Photo Framing

Events And Outdoor Services

We specialise in events like Baptism,Noolukettu,Birthday Party,Engagement,Wedding,Corporate Events,3D Photography,360o Virtual Photography,Live webcasting,Funeral etc. In Outdoor shootings we provide services like Outdoor Photography,Outdoor Videography,Helicam Photography & Videography,Jib crane shot,Steady cam coverage,Spot editing and printing Unit,Multicam Recording.

Studio And Digital Press

Passport Photos,Studio Portraits, Fashion /Modeling Photography,Industrial Photography,Group and family portraits,Photo Restoration,Digital press,Video Editing & Mixing etc are provided at our studio.


Please feel free to contact us for any service at any time